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1050 PrimaSil

Primer, Thinner, Consolidant

1050 PrimaSil is a clear primer, conditioner and thinner for mineral based stains.  It is vapor permeable and helps to balance the surface absorbency prior to applying finish coats.


  • Mineral based primer for highly absorbent surfaces

  • Thinner for semi-transparent or opaque mineral stains to increase transparency

  • Promotes a more consistent finish on unevenly absorbent surfaces

  • Milky white in color – dries clear

  • Dry to touch in approx. 1 hour, wait 6-8 hours before applying top coats although 24 hours is ideal

  • Covers approx. 200 sq ft per gallon (varies based on surface absorbency)

  • Non-Flammable, 0 VOC

  • Fully Breathable (will never trap moisture in the wall)

  • 100% Non-Hazardous, allow to dry out and dispose of with regular garbage

  • Apply with brush, roller or sprayer (back roll if spraying)

  • Apply an even coat and allow to absorb into surface – soak up excess

  • Wash tools with water

  • Minimum application temperature is 5 C or 40 F and above

  • 10 year product replacement warranty – 30-40 year lifespan

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Safety Data Sheet

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