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1010 QuartzGuard

Opaque Mineral Stain

1010 QuartzGuard is a highly durable, opaque mineral paint for interior and exterior use. 1010 QuartzGuard is designed to produce a completely uniform finish and hide background variation. It is highly effective at blending out previous repairs/discolorations/stains and producing a clean, uniform result. It can be diluted up to a maximum of 20% with 1050 PrimaSil in order to increase fluidity if desired.


  • Opaque silicate dispersion stain for interior or exterior use

  • For use on absorbent mineral based surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, block, mortar joints and other masonry substrates

  • Excellent hiding capabilities – produces a completely uniform finish

  • Can be diluted up to 20% with 1050 PrimaSil to lower viscosity

  • Available in over 150 standard colors – custom color matching available

  • Dry to touch in approx. 2 hours, wait a minimum of 12 hours before re-coating although 24 hours is ideal

  • Covers approx. 300 sq ft per gallon (varies on surface absorbency)

  • Fully breathable, anti-microbial, mildew resistant

  • 100% Non-Hazardous, allow to dry out and dispose of with regular garbage

  • Non-Flammable, 0 VOC

  • Non-Film forming, bonds by chemical reaction on the inside of the substrate

  • Will never blister or peel

  • Apply with brush, roller or sprayer (back roll if spraying) – dilute 20% with 1050 PrimaSil if spraying

  • Apply an even coat and allow to absorb into surface – soak up excess

  • Wash tools with water

  • Minimum application temperature is 5 C or 40 F and above

  • 10 year product replacement warranty – 30-40 year lifespan

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Safety Data Sheet

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