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We offer permanent, breathable semi-transparent and opaque mineral stains, as well as sealers and masonry solidifiers. 

Mineral Based Stains

PermaTint _ Product - PrimaSil.png

1050 PrimaSil

Primer, Thinner, Consolidant

1050 PrimaSil is a clear primer, conditioner and thinner for mineral based stains.  It is vapor permeable and helps to balance the surface absorbency prior to applying finish coats.

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1020 SiLazur

Semi-Transparent Mineral Stain

1020 SiLazur is a highly durable, semi-transparent mineral stain for interior and exterior use.  It is designed to appear completely natural on the surface and can be diluted to any degree with 1050 PrimaSil in order to increase transparency and allow variation to show in the finish.

PermaTint _ Product - QuartzGuard.png

1010 QuartzGuard

Opaque Mineral Stain

1010 QuartzGuard is a highly durable, opaque mineral stain for interior and exterior use. 1010 QuartzGuard is designed to produce a completely uniform finish and hide background variation. It is highly effective at blending out previous repairs/discolorations/stains and producing a clean, uniform result. It can be diluted up to a maximum of 20% with 1050 PrimaSil in order to increase fluidity if desired.

Water Repellents

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1055 RainSil

Water Repellant Poly-Siloxane Sealer

1055 RainSil – A clear aqueous emulsion of a special polysiloxane to make masonry surfaces (concrete, brick, block, stone and stucco/plaster) water repellant. It is completely vapour permeable and reduces/inhibits the absorption of water from wind-driven rain.

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1090 Silane

Water Repellant Silane Sealer

1090 Silane – Isobutyltriethoxysilane for use as a clear, penetrating, breathable VOC-compliant surface treatment on concrete and other absorbent mineral building products (bricks, blocks, stucco and stone). This protection can last for decades. VOC compliant.

Masonry Solidifier

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1075 Masonry Strengthener


1075 Masonry Strengthener is a mineral based solidifier that penetrates into absorbent masonry surfaces and forms a silica gel which hardens and strengthens previously unstable masonry surfaces without any reduction of vapor permeability.

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