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1055 RainSil

Water Repellant Poly-Siloxane Sealer

1055 RainSil – A clear aqueous emulsion of a special polysiloxane to make masonry surfaces (concrete, brick, block, stone and stucco/plaster) water repellant. It is completely vapour permeable and reduces/inhibits the absorption of water from wind-driven rain.


  • Transparent sealer for use on brick, stone, concrete, block, mortar joints and other masonry substrates

  • Milky white in color – dries clear

  • Covers approx. 240 sq ft per gallon (varies on surface absorbency)

  • Dry to touch in approx. 1 hour, wait 24 hours between coats if 2 coats are required

  • Fully breathable while inhibiting the absorption of water from wind driven rain

  • For maximum effectiveness apply as a final coat on top of semi-transparent or opaque mineral stains (or on raw masonry)

  • Can be added to the final coat of semi-transparent or opaque mineral stains in a ratio of 1:10 (1 part RainSil to 9 parts stain) to increase water repellency

  • Use as an anti-graffiti coating on top of murals or vulnerable surfaces

  • Apply an even coat and allow to absorb into surface – soak up excess

  • Wash tools with water

  • Minimum application temperature is 5 C or 40 F and above

  • 10 year product replacement warranty

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Safety Data Sheet

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