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1075 Masonry Strengthener


1075 Masonry Strengthener is a mineral based solidifier that penetrates into absorbent masonry surfaces and forms a silica gel which hardens and strengthens previously unstable masonry surfaces without any reduction of vapor permeability.


  • Clear, water-based penetrating silicate binder containing lithium salts

  • Deeply penetrates pores and cracks of absorbent masonry surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, block, precast and historic plasters

  • Upon absorbing into the surface it forms a silica gel which continues to harden and strengthens previously unstable or crumbling materials

  • Coverage rates vary substantially based on absorbency of the substrate and ranges from 50 – 250 sq ft.

  • Fully breathable, non-flammable, non-hazardous and 0 VOC

  • Solvent/biocide free

  • If applying multiple coats wait 6-12 hours before recoating

  • Allow 1 week of curing before applying sealers, paints or stains.  Mineral based stains are most compatible however other types of paint may be used as well

  • Clean all equipment with water

  • Application temperature range is 5 C (40 F) to 30 C (86 F)

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Safety Data Sheet

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